Connect to eCommerce
Connect to your multiple eCommerce shops and manage your orders in a single workspace.
Integrating your workspace with your eCommerce shops in a few simple steps,
import your orders and prepare them for shipment.

Prepare your orders before shipping
Ordflow helps you to prepare your order before shipping: adding checklist items,
add comments to share with other team members, tagging the order,
setting the order status and more.

Ship your orders & Track the shipments
You can use your private business carrier account or use Ordflow to create the shipments labels.
Track the shipments that are in transit.

Manage your team
Invite new members to join your team. Assign each role with different permissions.

Manage your customers (future release)
Add new customers and view the customers orders history.

Manage your shops listings (future release)
Using Ordflow spreadsheet to update the eCommerce shops listings.

Search & Reports
Search order by order id, customer name or product name.
Output orders or shipments history to a spreadsheet.